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August 19th, 2018


Just a quick update. You will notice two new pages that I have added this evening. I want to bring back offering Podcasts, Journal entries, and more.


Wish me luck in figuring out how to upload some of my older podcasts. It may be a while ??‍?!




June 8th, 2017


I want to share with you something that I wrote recently that might be helpful to think about. You can find it posted also on my professional FaceBook page...



As more unfolds everyday or in any significant situation it is helpful to remember that there is a point of stillness in breath between inhaling and exhaling. So it is also in all aspects of inner and outer life. 

Therefore be encouraged by this fact...There is a space of stillness between what was and what will be. Learn to hold this space without anxiety. It is true that there will be great temptation to fill it with emotional or mental noise, such a habit to do so. Our urge to activate our free will is indeed great. Instead, consider giving this space to Divine Will.


Sending you all love and kindness --pass it on to others...
?More soon... 





Launch day of my new website October 24th, 2015

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