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January 6th, 2023

            You might be wondering what happened to me from May 23, 2022. I had plans: I was going to write in my Blog more often, update everything. It became impossible.


Moving to South Carolina is a rather big deal. It has taken months to unpack and set our new things in place. We donated 85% of our Chevy Chase belongings with genorous hearts. We remain very happy that we did. 


At last my new office is in place. I've now returned to meeting with clients regularly once again. Since COVID is still a threat to my health therefore all my sessions remain remote. I use Zoom most often but all the other remote options are possible: FaceTime, Skype, Cell, etc. If you have any questions about our meeting call, or email me.


We love SC. Generally, the weather is mild, the people very friendly, the State is well run. More so than any other state I've lived in. Yes, of course, the area has issues blended with a generous amount of pluses. They drive the speed limit! Need I say more. 


This is a date I'll always remember. Just two years ago we watched a horrific scene of violence at our Nations Capital. Since then I've noticed an increased flow of kindness, consideration, smiles. We are blessed to live in a magnificent Country. It is up to us as to the outcome of this Divine experiment. Is this level of diversity in all areas of life possible? I believe we can achieve this goal. All we need to do is to be kind to ourselves, and all living beiings.


Sending each of you warm wishes and a smile as we begin this New Year.



May 24th, 2022

 As you can imagine it has taken months to prepare for the move into our new home. We will achieve that move at the end of this month. There are more details in the entry below. 


Throughout this process I have continued to meet with clients. As I move forward I think it is reasonabe to expect that by the 17th of June I will be settled into my new homeoffice. During the time between today and the 17th I will be meeting with clients. After the 17th I'll resume my regular schedule. If you are wanting to schedule a time with me please do feel free to do so. I have hours set aside for us.


When I am on the otherside of this new home effort  I will have the time to write entries on my Blog. 


Below is my favorite new quote. Although I do not know the name of the author.


"It's true that personaity will open doors. However, it is character that will keep them open" 





February 8th, 2022 

A client just raised my awareness of my Scheduler reporting it is still 2021, so sorry. It has been corrected. Please don't hesitate bringing any error to my attention. I will definitely appreciate the gesture. 


As you might have heard we, my husband and I, have made a difficult and now exciting decision. As empty nesters in a large house I became uncomfortable. It was as if the house itself hungered for children or grandchildren to run around the house and grounds. It was clear it was time to turn the house over to other owners. 


Once we made the decision to sell the house things quickly began to fall into place. It is exciting and chaotic; how could it not be so. Where we are now in this process well, we are close to the house going on to the market.


It makes me happy to see the changes brought about by fresh paint, repairs, new carpeting and new updates. Can you imagine emptying a house lived in for 27yrs! Then add the dismantling of my two-room office. I have vowed to wait a week before I buy something for the new house. Once I've spotted an item, I'll wait.! I'm not a compulsive buyer and even though I donate often things we are not using; STUFF seems to multiply. 


It was a year of COVID restrictions that brought this awareness to the forefront in our conversations. Then, Zoom and other platforms became necessary for me to meet safely with clients individually and in groups for a prolonged period. This opened up the possibility of moving anywhere. 


My life has been dedicated and devoted to service to others with Love in every way possible, I had special gifts that I knew about. As time passed, I learned that if someone was in need in a special way there were gifts, I had no idea I had that served that need. What an honor it has been. My work began spontaneously in 1976. Here 47yrs later I will not ever end my work until my last breath. 


Inwardly, I felt drawn to move to Myrtle Beach SC where there is a Retreat Center that will give me comfort and deep Joy as i age. This more temperate area will help my body stay strong. Zoom, these other platforms, a cell call or landline call will make it possible to continue to meet with my clients from our country and from around the world. 


There will always be easy access to me. I'll be here for you as always. When you need me just reach our using the many ways available. 


January 27th, 2022  

I'm attempting to gain access to my Facebook website so I can catch up with all of you. However, they are not convinced that I'm who I say I am. One more challenge, albeit a small one. It was a shock to have FB ask me for my Government ID, and a photograph that they happily took. The next day I was expecting to be given access, NOPE. I failed to convince them, and so I was a bit annoyed. Then, I gave it more thought. It's a good idea. Now, I wait some more for their approval. 


Lesson for Cynthia... do not use a swan for your picture. LOL! I'll never do that again. 






















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