Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant
 Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant   


My client testimonials will speak for themselves. I have met with thousands of clients from all around the world for over forty years. Most of all my clients have been referred to my work by someone who has met with me in session and as a result have given me their trust. It is deeply touching and such an honor to experience being asked to become a part of each person’s journey during smooth or challenging times. I love my work it has been an endless blessing to be of service in this way.


You can easily reach me when you feel drawn to schedule an appointment, I'm here. I encourage my clients to follow their own inner direction but sometimes a person becomes emotionally overwhelmed making access to their own clear thinking and knowing more difficult, that is a good time to meet with me. So, when in any kind of transition and the movement through it is too difficult ~I can help.


I look forward to hearing from you and to our session time together. Do take a moment to explore these other pages to learn about my work, scheduling, and more general information. I look forward to meeting with you.


CoVID 19--

Meeting Together

Following all safety guidelines is a priority. Your safety, my own and that of our families deserve that and no less. Thinking through how to achieve this was somewhat easy. I've offered a long standing option to my out of town clients of meeting using: Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Landline or Cell to cell calls. Now, I have just added to that list: Google Meet. We cannot know how long this adjustement will be necessary. I can report that these services work well. All of my sessions are now remote. If you need me, I'm here for you as always.



 There are two methods for making your payment remotely: Zelle (through your bank). No fees. Another option is to mail in a check so that it arrives the day of your appointment.


 All of Humanity has been invited to kindly "Serve Others" so please ~ Wear your mask! 


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