Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant
 Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant   

              A good time for us to meet....


When life seems to be chaotic do not despair, go deeper... there is always a place within you that maintains pure clarity... If you cannot access that space, I can help.


Whenever you feel you have lost your connection to your own inner guidance come sit with me in session. If you have an issue that you have been unable to evolve come in so we can explore if I can help you with that. During times of transition life can simply become too emotionally draining and confusing. If you find that you are too depleted to think clearly, this is a good time for us to meet.  




              Here is all you need to do:

My SCHEDULER will give you Office Days and Hours when I'm meeting with clients. When you decide to schedule give me your three best days and time choices. Just email me that information to If you do not hear from me within 24hrs there was a glitch so pleae do email me again.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to meeting with you. Below you'll find more details that might be of interest to you. ~ Cynthia




               How I work with my clients:


Decades of experience assisting my clients to move through all types of life transitions has made me better equipped to serve you today. I work with individuals, and couples. Leading groups has been a very rewarding part of my work. Currently, I do have a couple of openings.


My work is richly fueled by my intuition. Through this natural talent I have learn to serve my clients and their deepest potential. I do fully believe that we are whole beings with a lifetime opportunity to refine who we can become by tapping into unrealized potential. In session you will hear from me what the next steps are in your process at the time we meet. I am committed to truly serving my clients, so I will not tell you what you want to hear, but I will share with you what your own inner guidance is trying to tell you. By highlighting this it will serve your movement foward. it is not unusual to hear clients say "I know all this but could never find the words to express it or do anything to make it happen. 


After thousands sessions I am able to bring a great deal of strength to any session dealing with any of life's challenges an individual may be facing. It is often difficult for us to identify what will really facilitate the positive changes that are in our best interest when we are emotionally reactive. My clients contact me when change is knocking and they hesitate, together we can open the door to potential and let the opportunity unfold.






     New Clients and Returning Clients


NEW CLIENTS ~ Information for the Initial Consultation


A New Client Initial Consultation --- This involves our spending approximately 1-1/2 hours of recorded session time together. Please add approximately 15 minutes extra to this timeframe for your planning purposes.




RETURNING CLIENTS ~ Information for Individual sessions


After the initial consultation call me to meet in session again anytime you feel you have lost your inner connection to your instincts. If your emotions take over then we should meet right away. 


I continue to serve my clients as an active coach offering at times of need:  reframing, new insight, a fresh perspective, and non judgmental support during all transitions either external or internal. When you find yourself entering a process that can lead to new awareness, greater consciousness and perhaps confusion, or when you feel stuck call me that is why I am here for you. Another time clients meet with me is when they sense a need for change but they can not find the words yet, nor formulate the organized ideas as to how to join the process of moving forward.


The length of time you give me for your session is the important factor in determining the productivity and depth of the work we accomplish together. The process you have entered will determine how many times we will need to meet.





COUPLE SESSIONS  ~ for New, and Returning Clients

My work with couples is very rewarding, and deeply satisfying. It is always my intention to guide a couple toward harmony where each feels safe, understood, expansive, and supported. During the Initial Consultation I will assess where you are, what might be at the core of discord and what might be needed to construct a process that will end in transforming the current ways of relating into a more refined way of communicating. However, each partner must feel ready to do “whatever it takes” to ultimately make the partnership whole, and satisfying for each of you.





My groups meet on Saturday Mornings for a 3hr session, the fee for 2023 remains -- $95.00.  There are two Groups of my Clients that meet with me monthly. If drawn to meet with me in this way just let me know.



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