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 Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant   

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From time to time a person will ask me about my feelings of my work experience. This best discribes it and I sincerely mean these words...


So many individuals have crossed my path, each unique, each magnificent with vibrancy that makes pale the most splendid rainbow. To encourage one of these beings, even for a moment, is not only an honor it is a dream come true. 





"Cynthia Sexton has helped me navigate complex life and business situations in an informed,insightful and beneficial manner. Her abilities to tap into the information field that connects us all is unbiased, accurate and specific. My partner and I have met with Cynthia when in the midst of a small but complex real estate transaction and her insight helped us navigate the situation that otherwise may have had a negative outcome. This is not to say that Cynthia Sexton is someone who uses her skills to help people prosper materially. It is to say that her skills helped us navigate personal and business issues that had beneficial outcomes to all involved. Cynthia has my unequivocal recommendation but more importantly my trust and respect. If you are considering using Cynthia’s professional services do not hesitate."

Ed S.

Baltimore, Maryland



Cynthia's unique talent and skills have allowed me to see my life path more clearly and adapt to the inevitable changes that come with living. She has been a great friend and partner along the way and I am sure the clarity she provided got me through several rough patches. She continues on my list for her services to this day.

Paul was Cynthia M.'s client








I have known and worked with Cynthia for more than twenty-five years. She has unique skills that enable her to provide insight and guidance. I can recommend Cynthia without reservation.

Betty was Cynthia M.'s cli

Cynthia has a skill of seeing through the clutter that permeates the issues in our lives to get to the core issues. She kindly and expertly helps you see options and align yourself with the actions or changes in viewpoint that would help you move forward. She helps provide a clearing and freeing position to grow from.

Zoe was Cynthia M.'s client



Cynthia has a professional presence that is warm, personable and reassuring. She is able to take her clients deep into their inner world to draw out capabilities and potential. She encourages and guides in gentle yet profound and life-changing ways. My personal and professional lives have been forever impacted positively by Cynthia's insights.

Janice was Cynthia M.'s client

I worked with Cynthia back in 2007 when I was transitioning from a career in owning gas stations/auto repair shops to become an Internet Marketing Consultant. This was a big shift for me and she helped with my mindset and direction. 
I highly recommend Cynthia for your consulting and transition whether its work or relationship related.


James was Cynthia M.'s client

I could not be the person I am today without Cynthia Sexton. 

When I first heard about her "Transition Consultant" business, I was a ripe-old man of 23 and did not know what to think or expect. After our first meeting it became clear that I had met someone truly special, and in the 15 or so years since our first meeting Cynthia has helped me in too many ways to count.

For one thing, she helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses with an empathetic and caring heart, and indeed seemed to know me better than I know myself! For another, she helped me during times of transition (hence the name of her consultancy) and helped get my mind, body and spirit ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. And she always recorded our conversations so I could go back and review what I learned about myself and the world around me. 

Truth be told, I cannot imagine my life without Cynthia Sexton in it. As such I have hired her multiple times over the years and have recommended others to her enthusiastically. I strongly encourage every human being with a pulse to meet with her, pronto.

David was Cynthia M.'s client


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