Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant
 Cynthia M. Sexton, Transition Consultant   

this lifetime... live forward -SEEK JOYOUS moments

It is time to be happier, more free to breathe deeply and relax. Here are some ideas for you to consider.  Check back soon I'll add more ideas and resources gradually....

Spontaneous Adventures


We must be creative, inventive, daring, curious, mischievous, playful... or we will regret not having been so.

Quotes to be refuled by

 There are several websites I visit when in the middle of the day I need a boost from one of the mystic masters, or just a human being who took the time and cared to look within.

Ted Talks are stimulating, insightful, soulful. Here is an abreviated link to their website for the Most Popular. Browse and indulge....

Increasing Emotional Intelligence


There are risks involved in any relationship personal, familial, romantic, or professional. We are always at equal risk of being much more aware of how someone else behaves. Here is a link to ways to examine ourselves constructively.


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