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When life seems to be chaotic do not despair, go deeper... there is always a place within of pure clarity... If you cannot get there, I can help.

Whether you are a new or returning client there are many different ways you will feel it is time for us to meet in session: *when you simply have an inner urge; 
*when life tosses you changes that throw you off balance; 
*when everything is going well yet “something” is still missing. 

Whenever you feel you have lost your inner connection to your own guidance, come sit with me in session. During times of transition life can simply become too emotionally confusing, so if you find that you are mentally too tired to think clearly, this is a good time for us to meet.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  ~ Cynthia


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Cynthia Sexton is known as a transition consultant, a life coach, as unusually intuitive, grounded in a useful wisdom, and having exceptional listening skills as well; you can learn more here throughout this website...

“I have met with over thirty-six thousand clients, from all around the world. What a wonderful thirty year plus experience it has been to be helpful to so many; what a deeply touching experience there is in being asked to serve and become a part of a person’s journey during challenging times.”

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  1. 1)There is a new entry in “LATEST NEWS”        -9/04/2014

  1. 2)There are two Group openings, let me know if you feel drawn to join me once a month for this rich experience.

3) Two Choices: ~ You’ve joined me during the phase of tape recordings of your sessions, followed by all those CD’s. I have established a professional relationship with a company that offers the highest quality secure transfer of large file uploads.

1)It means that I can now send, at no charge to you, the recording of your session to your computer for downloading, you can decide to burn a CD yourself. 

2)Of course, you can continue to have me provide you with a CD, for mailing add S&H of $5. to the session fee.

This mp3 option as a new service is especially helpful to all my National and International clients who meet with me via SKYPE or LandLine calls. All of you local folks might be tired of storing your recordings, if so I hope you’ll consider using this new service. Again, there’s no additional cost to you.

4) From now on... click on the “my Blog” to read new entries, unless you want to read the 2008-2011 Archived Journal Entries. While I have not created a new Podcast for a couple of years, my new computer frees me to achieve this service for you once again. Now, all I need is for everything to be set up, asap! In advance, thank you for your patience and support.


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